Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Those firms iPhone 4 Nokia N9 analysis of the price of rival

Recently released a new generation of smart phone operating systemMeeGo N9, because this phone uses a new design and new conceptfavored by many users, the new user experience and a lot of subversivedesign and function equipped, is called the stage of this year's biggest surprise to us, people feel the original Nokia still has enough creativity and ability to achieve. However, as we ordinary consumers, I am afraid that now are most concerned about this artifact in the end will be worth?Recently, the news that Nokia N9 on the website in the UK have begun to accept reservations, 16GB version of the book value of up to 500pounds, or about 5200 yuan. This price is more expensive than iPhone4 Hong Kong on the line of about 1,000 yuan. However, this price has not been officially confirmed to present only a guess. Well, since we can notknow this artifact in the end how much will sell, but I can be the first togive you an analysis of 3,500 yuan N9 - 5000 yuan file between themarket price of our competitors, look at what Nokia mobile phones willpose a threat to N9, beating heart so that we have a bottom, in order tofacilitate the purchase of the future.

5000 yuan file: Apple iPhone 4

If it is really according to rumors on the website as the UK, the price ofthe Nokia N9 at 5,000 yuan, then the N9 in the stalls on the strength ofthe competitors will be strong, the opponents have to say is the firstApple iPhone 4. Excellent design, powerful configuration, the Apple iPhone 4 since listing on the sought after powder to get the majority offruit, the white version is listed has been very hot. It is precisely becausethere is such a good sales performance, the price of iPhone 4 in 5000has remained on the price, but value for money, do not know if you sell5000 N9, then, will not have the good and the iPhone 4 results?
The picture shows the 16GB Apple iPhone 4
 Apple iPhone 4 with a candy bar design, the slim, only 9.3mm. Fuselagewith 3.5-inch IPS screen, the resolution has reached the 960 × 640pixels, four times the resolution iPhone 3GS. Machine is equipped withApple's own iOS 4 system, speeds up to 1GHz, memory capacity of 16G,such a configuration for users playing games, the Internet has brought the process faster. In addition, it also support China Unicom's WCDMA 3Gnetwork, built-in GPS and 5 megapixel autofocus camera, to meet the user's daily use.

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iPhone 4 Although expensive, but on a global scale are very hot, the country will also have a tendency to become arcade, iPhone 4 in the market has many versions, but the licensed version is the best choice,because you can enjoy the official Apple warranty, As the iPhone 5 newsrelease has been slow, so in the next period of time is expected to pricethe iPhone 4 will be very stable.

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