Monday, July 25, 2011

Nokia N9 gets August 19 launch date

Though the news is still unconfirmed, there is a possibility that the MeeGo - based Nokia N9 will not be arriving in India at all. Many consider the fate of the N9 already sealed, and the general consensus is that it will be the first and last MeeGo device from Espoo’s stables. Unfortunate yes, but we hope for the sake of the developers, as well as for consumer choice, the platform will find adoption amongst other manufacturers. Things look a bit bleak however.
Keeping all this in mind, it is hardly surprising that the industry expects Nokia to limit the sale of the N9 to select countries. Other reports, by the usually well-informed Eldar Murtazin, predict that Nokia will be making comparatively few units of the N9, less than 100,000.

The Nokia N9 is the MeeGo smartphone that many felt could have lead Nokia out of the wilderness and according to at least one retailer the fight back begins on the 19th August – just long enough for us to save up. Read on to find out more about the Nokia N9 August launch date.

The Nokia N9 is the 3.9-inch smartphone running the MeeGo OS that Nokia had pinned its hopes on prior to switching strategy to the Windows Phone platform. We’ve no idea whether it will be supported by similar devices but safe bets are saying it’s a one-off device.

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Nokia hasn’t made any official announcement as to when the Nokia N9 will launch, nor has it said how much it is likely to cost. However, it’s popped up on one etailer which once run through the translator states that it will ship on the 19th August. Check out the pre-order

What’s more, with a price of 99,990 KZT, which is around the £420 mark, this looks like it could be a highly affordable price-point for most folks looking to get their hands on the Nokia N9. Tempted? Let us know in the Comments below.

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