Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Price is still a mystery. Nokia N9 HangHuo version listed steps is near

Price is still a mystery. Nokia N9 HangHuo version listed steps is near
Some time ago we have reported, nokia N9 HangHuo version quietly on the official online shopping of news. Latest news today, Microsoft Office 2007 is out of stock now.
said this phone has made to the listed in the near future, the net license is expected to officially land China market. In addition to get the permit listed the net outside, at present the nokia China’s official website not only increase the retail inquires than in the past, it appeared “not to follow the” slogans, which increased the N9 HangHuo Enjoy using the Adobe Acrobat .
version listed the credibility of the recent.
The N9 HangHuo version will be equipped with a 3.9 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen material, resolution 854 x480 pixels, running for MeeGo operating system, carry 1 GHz processor, built-in result 1 GB RAM memory and 16 GB or 64 GB storage space, provide 8 million pixel camera.
In addition, the machine also support the GSM/WCDMA network, equipped with bluetooth, WiFi, GPS navigation, NFC, and other functions, and built-in a piece of 1450 mAh battery, preinstalled games have, the NFC support function of anger bird “, “2″, “desire galaxy real golf 2011″.
Although the upcoming open, There are many features in Office 2010 home and business .
but nokia N9 sale price is still a mystery now. At present the message says, nokia N9 HangHuo version in the third week of September in the domestic market, price will at least be in 4500 yuan of above.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shock!--Can Pre Order Nokia N9

Next Smart mobile Phone from Nokia that is Nokia N9 it is not available and not announced by Nokia but you can pre order it on Amazon.com. The seller is giving guaranty that mobile will be sealed and brand new and you also get two years warranty.
You can order Nokia n9 on Amazon for 472 Euros. Nokia N9 is available in 16 GB memory and in three colors Black, Cyan and Magenta.

‘Merger Monday’ boosts Dow 214 points
U.S. stocks moved solidly higher Monday, with major indexes rising about 2%, as merger activity set apositive tone on Wall Street.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet MeeGo Harmattan -Nokia N9

The smartphone market is crowded (or, 'healthy', you could say); we have iOS and Android in the top spots, and a range of competitors like Windows Phone 7, Symbian, BlackBerry 7, webOS, Bada, etc. iOS, Android, WP7 are on the ascendency, most other things are static or in decline.

What you often find though, is that you can tell the good ones apart by how consistent and pleasant to use they are. Pick up a webOS device, for example, and you instantly see a pretty OS with many great UI concepts. Use it for a little longer, and you start to see how shallow that veneer actually is - user experience nightmares, terrible performance, half-finished designs, etc. The sliding three-pane UI in webOS 3.x is a great example of this; drag the divider and the panes will judder across the screen, the main pane not resizing anything until you let go, at which point it snaps to the new position with no animation or feeling. Compare with the Twitter for iPad UI and how fluid it feels, and you would be appalled. It's such a pity, because webOS is a great concept and implementation - it just doesn't have the final 10% to make it feel like you're using something more than a pretty-looking webpage. I believe it's here to stay, however, unlike Symbian, BlackBerry OS, etc.

iOS is the king, so far, with consistency of user experience. You'd have to make a conscious choice as a developer to create an app that breaks the inherent UX niceties and animation in the OS. I like to call this the 'soul' of the platform. Android, on the flipside, is a hodgepodge of inconsistent UX, where even Google's own apps decide to feature new styles and concepts in between OS releases (the App Marketplace, for example, has been redesigned twice in recent history, with neither style matching the rest of the OS). Windows Phone 7 also has a quality UX, until you reach the third party apps, where everything degenerates (the third-party apps, being Silverlight, have no relation to the native software that comes on the phone, which is all C++ and using the same frameworks).

Recently, Nokia announced the N9, the first (and perhaps last) of their MeeGo smartphones. Where does MeeGo fit?

Long awaited, the expectations were really high for this device - MeeGo was originally supposed to be the savior of Nokia, their modern smartphone OS to replace the aging Symbian. When Nokia announced in February that they were instead going to move to Windows Phone 7 as their primary platform, most took it as a sign that MeeGo was simply never going to be ready, or competitive. The open-source version of MeeGo for handsets is so barebones that it would take another year at the least to build a compelling user experience on top of it, so it was understandable that Nokia would focus their efforts on WP7 instead.

Great Features of the Generation Nokia N9

Nokia is set to confront new challenges in the mobile phone market with its next generation Nokia N9 smartphone. The new handset offers stylishly awesome aesthetic features as well as state of the art functionalities. It is also powered by the new MeeGo operating system which was the product of the partnership between Intel and Nokia.

Basically, the Nokia N9 is designed to take over the reins from the previous N8 handset. To fully understand the new Nokia offer, it is best to differentiate the N9 from the N8.

A Quick Peek on the New N9 Smartphone

When Nokia releases a new model, it usually offers radical features that totally eclipse the previous models. Consumers will see the same thing with the new N9 model. This handset offers exceptional features that you will certainly admire.

First of all, Nokia gave the new model a uniquely sized screen display. It has 3.9 inches screen which comfortably sits between the large HTC models and the averagely sized iPhone units. The N9 is equipped with the AMOLED technology. This kind of display system provides the handset with a screen that can offer natural color depth at 480 x 854 resolutions. Additionally, the technology provides the N9 with a greater viewing angle.

The previous N8 model also utilized the AMOLED technology. However, this unit has a lower screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. In other words, the new N9 will give you better viewing pleasure. Both phones are equipped with the Gorilla scratch resistant glass. This type of glass can also resist considerable shock.

Multimedia Features of the Nokia N9

The new N9 handset has a respectable camera feature. It is capable of capturing exceptional still photos and videos at 8 million pixels resolution. Unfortunately, such capability is below the capability of the N8. This previous model has an impressive 12 mega pixels resolution. The camera capability of the N8 is still unmatched even by other high end mobile phone brands.

The good news is that Nokia decided to retain the Carl Zeiss optics technology. This optics technology provides high definition output for your still photos and moving videos. The captured video can be displayed in HD even on large screen formats.

Introducing the MeeGo OS for the Nokia N9

There is no denying the fact that Nokia lost some traction in the smartphone market. Users were exasperated with the Symbian OS which was the standard platform of Nokia. With the introduction of Android and iOS that offered better functionalities, some loyal Nokia fans decided to switch to other providers.

The good news is that the new Nokia N9 will utilize the MeeGo operating system. This OS provides more pleasing visual display and much better functionalities. It is an open source platform that conforms to the modern needs of the latest smartphones.

Overall, the N9 handset offers new and more powerful features compared to its predecessors. Nokia seeks to raise the level of its competitiveness by offering a next generation smartphone with powerful features. Most importantly, the latest model has a new and exciting OS that can match the features of other popular operating systems for mobile devices.

Now you know everything about the new Nokia device ,you can check some of the local mobile operatos for .

You can read more about Nokia N9 .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nokia N9 coming to the UK and Won’t Sell Nokia N9 in US! whay?

Nokia N9 Coming to the UK

It’s thought that Nokia is holding back the N9 so as not to dampen the impact of its ‘Sea Ray’ phone, the working title for the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 phone. Appearance-wise the two phones are virtually identical and it’s everyone’s guess that the specs are as well.

Obviously Nokia has a lot riding on the Sea Ray, essentially its big comeback phone. But then again the N9 has gained a lot of interest from customers, despite MeeGo being in the pipeline for a good couple of years.

Nokia N9 Won’t Sell Nokia N9 in US!

For now, it looks as though MeeGo fans in the UK are going to have to order one in from the continent and cough up the pennies for an N9 SIM-free.
I guess the Nokia N9 is one of the most discussed smartphones of the Finnish company now. It’s running MeeGo — a platform everyone thought was going to be something experimental; it came out that MeeGo is a great OS offering awesome experience we haven’t seen earlier. Anyway, it looks like the U.S. market is not ready for other OS currently, which means Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS will dominate there. Most likely, this is the main reason why Nokia decided not to sell the Nokia N9 in the U.S.

From the very beginning of Nokia’s N-series’ handsets U.S. wasn’t welcoming them for some unknown reason. Even when the Nokia N8 was released and Europe with Asia welcomed it eagerly, the U.S. smartphone market ignored this super handset. Мany geeks will say that the N8 wasn’t popular in the U.S. since only its unlocked version was sold and it cost more than carriers’ offers, but anyway…
I understand every country and every mobile operator tries to provide devices that meet the market’s and users’ requirements, but now when Nokia won’t roll out the Nokia N9 in the U.S., I think it will be a loss for the U.S. smartphone users. But probably that’s a part of Nokia’s strategy — to conquer those markets where Android and iOS don’t feel themselves like kings.