Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Price is still a mystery. Nokia N9 HangHuo version listed steps is near

Price is still a mystery. Nokia N9 HangHuo version listed steps is near
Some time ago we have reported, nokia N9 HangHuo version quietly on the official online shopping of news. Latest news today, Microsoft Office 2007 is out of stock now.
said this phone has made to the listed in the near future, the net license is expected to officially land China market. In addition to get the permit listed the net outside, at present the nokia China’s official website not only increase the retail inquires than in the past, it appeared “not to follow the” slogans, which increased the N9 HangHuo Enjoy using the Adobe Acrobat .
version listed the credibility of the recent.
The N9 HangHuo version will be equipped with a 3.9 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen material, resolution 854 x480 pixels, running for MeeGo operating system, carry 1 GHz processor, built-in result 1 GB RAM memory and 16 GB or 64 GB storage space, provide 8 million pixel camera.
In addition, the machine also support the GSM/WCDMA network, equipped with bluetooth, WiFi, GPS navigation, NFC, and other functions, and built-in a piece of 1450 mAh battery, preinstalled games have, the NFC support function of anger bird “, “2″, “desire galaxy real golf 2011″.
Although the upcoming open, There are many features in Office 2010 home and business .
but nokia N9 sale price is still a mystery now. At present the message says, nokia N9 HangHuo version in the third week of September in the domestic market, price will at least be in 4500 yuan of above.

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