Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great Features of the Generation Nokia N9

Nokia is set to confront new challenges in the mobile phone market with its next generation Nokia N9 smartphone. The new handset offers stylishly awesome aesthetic features as well as state of the art functionalities. It is also powered by the new MeeGo operating system which was the product of the partnership between Intel and Nokia.

Basically, the Nokia N9 is designed to take over the reins from the previous N8 handset. To fully understand the new Nokia offer, it is best to differentiate the N9 from the N8.

A Quick Peek on the New N9 Smartphone

When Nokia releases a new model, it usually offers radical features that totally eclipse the previous models. Consumers will see the same thing with the new N9 model. This handset offers exceptional features that you will certainly admire.

First of all, Nokia gave the new model a uniquely sized screen display. It has 3.9 inches screen which comfortably sits between the large HTC models and the averagely sized iPhone units. The N9 is equipped with the AMOLED technology. This kind of display system provides the handset with a screen that can offer natural color depth at 480 x 854 resolutions. Additionally, the technology provides the N9 with a greater viewing angle.

The previous N8 model also utilized the AMOLED technology. However, this unit has a lower screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. In other words, the new N9 will give you better viewing pleasure. Both phones are equipped with the Gorilla scratch resistant glass. This type of glass can also resist considerable shock.

Multimedia Features of the Nokia N9

The new N9 handset has a respectable camera feature. It is capable of capturing exceptional still photos and videos at 8 million pixels resolution. Unfortunately, such capability is below the capability of the N8. This previous model has an impressive 12 mega pixels resolution. The camera capability of the N8 is still unmatched even by other high end mobile phone brands.

The good news is that Nokia decided to retain the Carl Zeiss optics technology. This optics technology provides high definition output for your still photos and moving videos. The captured video can be displayed in HD even on large screen formats.

Introducing the MeeGo OS for the Nokia N9

There is no denying the fact that Nokia lost some traction in the smartphone market. Users were exasperated with the Symbian OS which was the standard platform of Nokia. With the introduction of Android and iOS that offered better functionalities, some loyal Nokia fans decided to switch to other providers.

The good news is that the new Nokia N9 will utilize the MeeGo operating system. This OS provides more pleasing visual display and much better functionalities. It is an open source platform that conforms to the modern needs of the latest smartphones.

Overall, the N9 handset offers new and more powerful features compared to its predecessors. Nokia seeks to raise the level of its competitiveness by offering a next generation smartphone with powerful features. Most importantly, the latest model has a new and exciting OS that can match the features of other popular operating systems for mobile devices.

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