Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Difficulties with access Nokia N9?

A couple of weeks was announced to be launched officially in Sweden (we do not know why) and a specific page dedicated to fans and supporters who were expecting this release as we were vigilant. As Luis said, the launch would bescheduled for September 23, as they read the countdown, however, as alwayshappens in this world a strange movement seems to indicate that the launchcould be delayed.

According to the timer, Nokia N9 was supposed to appear on the market on September 23. However, now the timer has completely disappeared from the manufacturer, resulted in what many fans puzzled Nokia.

The disappearance of the timer could be caused by several factors, includingtechnical problems with his work and an unexpected delay with the release ofNokia N9.

Nokia N9 should reach our country in the second half of next month. A sale of the smartphone will retail chain "M. Video". How will the disappearance of the timertiming out Nokia N9 to the Russian market is still unknown.

In case you do not already know, take a look at the specifications of the NokiaN9.

     Display: Gorilla Glass 3.9-inch 854x480 pixels
     Processor: OMAP3630 Cortex-A8 to 1Ghz
     Capacity: 1GB RAM
     Storage: 16 - 64GB
     Battery: 11 hours of talk time, 450 hours standby, 4 hours in video playback,music playback and up to 50 off-screen.


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