Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nokia N9 Announced:Nokia N9 Launching on 15th September on Swiss Orange ?

Its been quite a long time since Ive submitted anything truly worthwhile about this blog. On the other hand, its been quite a long time since theres already been any useful Nokia information. And therefore, after the four-month hiatus, its period again to check out one associated with Nokias most recent phones: the actual oft-rumored N9.

Whenever we last remaining Nokia, the software application development had introduced that it might be going the way in which of the actual Windows Telephone, in that which was probably one of the greatest deals in between two from the largest technology companies available. Nokias 2 last systems  Symbian as well as MeeGo  were likely to be jettisoned, within the hope which moving in order to Windows might give Nokia the flexibleness to innovate each software as well as hardware. Symbian experienced, more or even less, be a dying system, and MeeGo wasnt living as much as its expectations like a savior for that company:
MeeGo Experts report that the long awaited Nokia N9 might be available via Swiss Orange starting September 15th. The website has put up a page for the MeeGo Harmattan device and listed 15th September as date of availability alongside the specifications.
The Nokia N9 comes with a large 3.9″ AMOLED curved glass display. The phone runs a custom build of MeeGo which uses a proprietary 3 panel Swipe-UI. The camera is an 8MP unit and captures 720p video at 30FPS.
Several weeks later, Oistämö nevertheless struggles to attend tears. “MeeGo have been the group hope from the company, ” he or she says, “and wed arrived at the conclusion how the emperor experienced no clothing. Its not really a nice point. ”
However the release from the N9 demonstrates that perhaps, just perhaps, MeeGo isnt totally done with regard to.

Lets begin with the specifications. Nokia isnt tugging any your punches here using the N9 (that honestly appears like an ipod device Nano combined with an N8), a bag of chips that sports activities a 3. 9-inch AMOLED show, 8 megapixel digital camera (showcasing Carl Zeiss optics), HIGH DEFINITION video documenting, Gorilla cup, and NFC assistance. It operates MeeGo 1. two. It additionally looks (given, this is in the promo movie) sleek as heck, with a good interface which looks, with regard to once, slightly in front of the curve.

Gone would be the Home control keys (equipment or software program) associated with yesteryear. Nokias offering the simplicity from the N9 more than everything, for the reason that all it requires is only a simple swipe. Swipe in order to scroll, swipe to maneuver through your house screens, as well as swipe to reduce your programs. And speaking of the house screens, youve obtained three of these here: the application launcher, your multitask look at (like the N900s), last but not least, your notice page that shows skipped calls and social networking updates.

Everything concerning the N9 appears impressive  as well impressive, perhaps. Whats Nokias performing here? Theyve put aside MeeGo with regard to Windows Telephone, but place the limelight back having a hell of the device. I dont quite have it. But I must hand this to Nokia: the very first release prospect of MeeGo (1. 1) looked nothing beats this. Im amazed it got this particular far.

Regrettably, theres no discuss price or even availability (however), other compared to generic “The Nokia N9 is actually scheduled to stay stores later this season, with accessibility and nearby pricing to become announced nearer to the product sales start. ”.

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