Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nokia N9 does not have to worry about a few years before being abandoned N9

Prior to Nokia smart phones released MeeGo system N9, sought after by many users. However, Nokia will give up with Houailuopu said MeeGo system, such criticism was echoed by many users. Perhaps because ofpressure from public opinion, Nokia has repeatedly declared that it will not give up MeeGo system. According to foreign media reports, the recent Nokia Portfolio Management (Portfolio Management) is responsible for Klas Strom sent via twitter Bo said: "We will continue to support the Nokia N9 few years, but also released several new software updates."
Widely believed that Nokia does not give up MeeGo system frequently to clarify, if the group is about to be sold in order to have a positive impact on sales of N9. Nokia's official position from the point of view, purchaseN9 users in this few years, can rest assured that Nokia's emphasis on the machine.
不必担心 诺基亚N9数年后才被抛弃 
In addition, there is news that Nokia N9 is expected to begin in September this year, including China, the world in 23 countries and regions, sale, its 16GB/64GB version of the final sale price will likely be4300 and 4850 yuan

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