Friday, July 15, 2011

Nokia N9 difficult task of rescue or take into Meego swan song is this it?

2010 is the N8, 2011 years N9.Nokia's struggling flagship N9 on stage.Nokia N9 high hopes, hoping to stop the tide, to save face once, and focus on building WP7 phone market to win a little time.
But observers Pengxiong Jiang believes that Nokia's desire might be lost again, N9 difficult to bear the responsibility to save water and fire out of Nokia, which is Nokia's decadent and the N9 of the core status is determined.Nokia's enormous inertia is also great, and now the tide is not able to stop one or two flagship machine is maintained. Iphone launch in the absence of the formation of a strong competitive edge with a revolutionary new product, I am afraid that this decline will continue indefinitely - N8 can not save Nokia, E7 can not save Nokia, N9 can not save Nokia.Nokia relatively insular, has preferred its own smart phone operating system symbian.N9 is a far, only a Nokia symbian operating system, the use of smart phones, N9 operating system is Meego.Meego is a Linux-based Nokia and Intel to launch smart phone operating system, both sides hope to catch up with the smart phone operating system battle the big trend.However, Peng Xiongjiang Meego skeptical of his mother said Meego Linux operating system in the smart phone on hiatus, as the smart phone operating system, Meego is impossible to bring a revolutionary leap. In fact, even Nokia's own Meego hold a high degree of suspicion, were negative for Meego, and the olive branch extended to the general performance of the Microsoft windows mobile.Comprehensive look at all the rumors now, N9 or Nokia Meego system equipped with a "swan song" - in the main application times, Meego apparently was unable to Apple and Google's android ios the os par.Of course, with Nokia's brand appeal and manufacturing processes, N9 is not difficult to find part of the market. However, the situation is very embarrassing N9: one is a lot of high-end Nokia mobile phone customers to the iphone and android camp continues to lose; the other hand, a lot of loyal Nokia users place their hopes in the upcoming WP Nokia mobile phone, a common form of stiffer N9 trend, so that sales of the flagship model N9 suffered embarrassment.

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