Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NFC technology on the Nokia N9 Detailed

With the release this week, Nokia N9, there are many details worth a closer look. After all, with the market compared to other phones look and unique and different. We say that Nokia N9 will be equipped with NFC technology. But what it really work? Let'sdetail.
NFC refers to the short-range wireless communications technology, Nokia is thedialogue the reader is familiar with a technology we had previously written articlesabout the technology. Of course, some readers do not understand for the latest technology, can play the following brief literacy effect.
NFC is a way to support the 4 cm within a short distance data transmission technology.It means that you can own another phone touch phone to send or receive files, or any other information. NFC's interesting is that it can easily help users to complete andmatching accessories, and friends to share information, launch an Internet service, or even complete a payment transaction, you can have by simply touching the NFC withN9 equipment and tags to complete. Light touch, all get.
The official launch, Nokia N9 will be able to pair and other NFC devices, such as theNokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505, or a variety of NFC-enabled accessories.
If you met a friend of holding NFC-enabled phones, Nokia phones do not, you simplytouch the two phones, you can easily send your business card to his mobile phone. In addition, Nokia N9 also provides support on NFC-enabled Angry Birds Free with Magic (NFC version of the angry bird). If you two just have free time, this game is agood choice. NFC version of the bird to do a special lock, two NFC devices can only be unlocked. So, you have to hurry around to find more friends using NFC to unlock Oh.
Nokia N9 from your business card to send pictures as simple as sharing, also supports the capture of video sharing.
The future, through software updates, NFC some of the features will be further upgraded. This will enhance your mobile phone to send to other types of documentsand URL's capabilities.

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