Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nokia N9 might not appear in the UK?

Nokia N9A report has surfaced over at the Inquirer which theorises that Nokia might not release its N9 smartphone in the UK.
The N9 is the MeeGo powered affair, and the Inquirer reckons that in this country Nokia might just skip straight to its Windows Phone 7 models, the next major platform for its smartphones.
The reasoning (follow it in the article here) is that the UK doesn’t feature on the official N9 page when it comes to the list of countries the handset will be released in.
A drop-down menu allows you to check for availability, and the UK isn’t listed here, along with a number of other European countries such as France and Germany.
Hence the conclusion that Nokia may just move straight to WP7 territory come the autumn, particularly seeing as the leaked Sea Ray phone looks very much like an N9 (but with Windows Phone 7 on board, and an extra button) anyway.
However, that conclusion may well have been jumped to, because one factor the Inquirer seems to have overlooked is that the Nokia online store has just closed down in the UK (and other countries across Europe).
Therefore, the availability is likely to refer to direct availability from the Nokia store, rather than the MeeGo N9 not being released at all in the UK.
Other UK retailers, for example, are offering the N9 – although it isn’t on pre-order yet, there are product pages up for the device.
None of which is a guarantee, of course, but it would seem unlikely Nokia would want to skip over chunks of the European market with a phone which has piqued the interest of many (if only to see MeeGo in action before WP7 strolls into town).

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