Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nokia N9 upcoming debut 'Transformers 3'

(Blue) Nokia N9 MeeGo system's first release not only eye, but also become the object of a lot of people want to start. Although the machine may be limited Twenty-three countries in the sale, but Nokia is ready by the summer blockbuster "Transformers 3"for some promotion. Recently, the news from foreign media disclosure, the latestrelease in North America the "Transformers 3: Black January when", not only in the emergence of hot new machine Nokia X7 figure, but also have the Nokia N9 glimpsestyle appearance.
Tradition continues
In the past, "Transformers" series Nokia phones have had many opportunities to show his face, especially the deformation of the original Nokia N93i is the people left a deep impression. And the "Transformers 3: Black January when" Although the main thrust ofthe Nokia X7, but careful of the media and fans still found in the film Nokia N9/N950figure.

即将问世 诺基亚N9亮相《变形金刚3》
Nokia X7
即将问世 诺基亚N9亮相《变形金刚3》
Nokia N9

Although according to the users have watched the film to say, Nokia this new machineis only one moment in the film there, even not clear brand of the phone. But Nokia is perhaps the use of this still holds partly concealed way to attract people's attentionmore, so hope that this mystery has sparked concern about the increase.
Speed ​​camera battle
According to product manager to say Nokia N9 Nokia N9 with continuous auto focusfeature, and turn from the camera, the viewfinder is ready to focus the last photo shoottheme, Nokia N9 in 2.6 seconds can be completed, is the fastest available in the market a camera phone.

即将问世 诺基亚N9亮相《变形金刚3》
Nokia N9
However, HTC does not recognize Nokia seems to say, and Twitter, claims that HTC Sensation is now on the fastest smart phone camera. While HTC did not come up with specific test data to prove their strength, but HTC Sensation possess "instant capture"real-time recording capabilities is perhaps the HTC self-confidence basis. However,technically, HTC Sensation is improved shutter lag time of camera phones, allows users to press the shutter to see the scene with actual screen shot out of the way will not differ too much, but the real pictures of the completed speed, it should be or even better some of the Nokia N9.

The upcoming September  In addition to the mystery in the popular film debut, Nokia N9 pace of market seems to have started in many countries. Such as the Finnish operator Sonera has already announced the official website of the upcoming Nokia N9, leaving the user as long as the e-mail address, the first time the company will send the relevant pricing information to consumers. In Australia, Nokia product manager, disclosure about products in August hope to the main suppliers. The operator 3 in Sweden before the company is expected to be in the September 23 launch of the Nokia N9. As for prices, according to Nokia's executive vice president of worldwide sales argument, 16GB version of the Nokia N9 sells for $ 660, about 4300 yuan, while the 64GB version will offer $ 749, about 4850 yuan or so. Sale in 23 countries and regions The information provided from the current official view, perhaps because of Nokia N9 located next to the phone system Windows Phone reason, will not be in the United Kingdom and Germany and other major European mobile phone market for sale, but in the world, including China, 23 countries and regions on sale.
即将问世 诺基亚N9亮相《变形金刚3》
It is reported that Nokia N9 will be in Austria, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Romania,Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates Vietnam Twenty-three countries and regions such sale. Among them, the European market in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, mostly the United States and India are the list of countries not currently listed

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