Friday, July 1, 2011

Nokia N9 Price Exposure 4300 yuan

Nokia N9 MeeGo system first release of not only the eye, but also become the object of a lot of people want to start. Only because the official did not disclose the sale price of this phone, so Nokia N9 in the end will be what the market price of natural human concern. Recently, the news from foreign media display, the Nokia executive vice president of worldwide sales Giles told a news conference in Malaysia revealed that Nokia N9 will have 16GB and 64GB version launched in two capacities, its retail price was $ 660 and $ 749 or so.
Minimum of about 4300 yuan

According to overseas media MyNokiaBlog reports, the sales price of the Nokia N9 Nokia Giles, executive vice president of worldwide sales in Malaysia of a recent press conference revealed to the media. Among them, the Nokia N9's 16GB version is priced at $ 660, about 4300 yuan, while the larger capacity 64GB version will offer $ 749, about 4850 yuan or so.
It is worth noting that the Nokia official had not disclosed the price of taxes and subsidies, so it should be the actual market price of the Nokia N9, will not be the last official suggested retail price and the market price gap between the larger phenomenon.
In addition, although the sale is still some time away from the aircraft, but the British online retailer superetrader website has been provided for the Nokia N9 599 pounds (about 6200 yuan or so) pre-order information. However, this machine is listed as the futures prices will vary the date draws near, does not seem to have much reference value.
Sale in 23 countries and regions
Interestingly, although the Nokia N9 online store began in the UK pre-order, but the official data, the aircraft sale area does not include the United Kingdom and Germany and other major European mobile phone markets, including China, but The 23 countries and regions worldwide sale.
It is reported that Nokia N9 will be in Austria, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates Vietnam Twenty-three countries and regions such sale. Among them, the European market in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, mostly the United States and India are not currently listed nations.
Therefore, if in the future this list does not change much, then explain the choice of Nokia N9 will be targeted on sale in some countries and regions.
Or listed on September 23
Since Nokia has not announced the release of N9, when the specific time to market, so when this phone MeeGo system can reach people in the hands of natural concern. According to informed sources say it is the aircraft may be on sale this fall, and time to market Apple's next-generation iPhone is closer, this also means the absence of the U.S. market with the Nokia N9 has some connection.
Moreover, according to foreign media reports, the Swedish operator 3's will be on September 23 launch of the Nokia N9, but did not disclose the specific package plans and bare metal prices, but combined with the previous rumors, Nokia N9 on sale this fall should not have muchproblem.
Nokia N9 currently provide jet black, magenta, blue three colors

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