Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snow fans worry: Nokia N9 can be "few years" will continue to support the software update

In June, Nokia introduced the highly anticipated smart phone MeeGo Nokia N9, violentresponse. But soon after the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Sidifenai Roper to accept theinterview statement, Nokia or may no longer support or release MeeGo open mobileoperating system, the media reported that Nokia abandoned arbitrary MeeGo.Fortunately, Nokia and Windows Phone from cooperation, not the first time came forward to clarify or correct the rumors, and that MeeGo system will still be supported.

According to foreign news media on Tuesday, Nokia Portfolio Management (Portfolio Management) is responsible for Klas Ström sent via twitter Bo said: "We will continue to support the Nokia N9 few years, but also released several new software updates."

It is not clear Klas Ström's remarks on the Nokia N9 will have a positive impact onsales, but we know in the next few years, Nokia has been working at least will provide updates for the Nokia N9, users buy Nokia N9 in a few years time, can rest assured that Nokia's emphasis on the machine. Presumably, their support system or by runningMameo Nokia N900 no difference.

As we all know, Nokia will Microsoft's Windows Phone system re-build and strengthenits market position, so the news about Nokia inevitable rumors. The latest rumors, Nokia N9 short life span or more of its shipments of less than 10 million units. Anotherinsider broke the news, Nokia N9 will start shipping in September, the retail price ofthe final retail price may be 420 euros, equivalent to 3880 or so. Or not for a successormachine, this price is reasonable price in Nokia.

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