Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nokia N9 strategic significance

Concerned about the smartphone market trends for the researchers, NOKIA N9machine equipped with the software so that they are still confused! NOKIA officialinformation released by public relations NOKIA N9 equipped MeeGo 1.2 operating system, but the fact is most of the NOKIA N9 still uses Maemo 6 system's core code,so essentially still be a Maemo phones. However, due to mixed operating systemwhich is fully compatible MeeGo 2.1 version of the proprietary API interface, so end-users and third-party software developers will not feel significantly different. Confused about the outside world's second point is NOKIA N9 with the same name last yearexposed a prototype NOKIA association between? Past exposure, also known as theNOKIA N9 prototype has a sliding keyboard, was outside the first quarter of 2011 is expected to come out. It is alleged that the design house R & D department is calledNOKIA NOKIA N9-00 aircraft after the termination of research and development,follow-up, code-named NOKIA N9-01's models become formally published NOKIANOKIA N9 model basis.
 past exposure, also known as the NOKIA N9 prototype has a sliding keyboard, wasoutside the first quarter of 2011 is expected to come out. It is alleged that the designhouse R & D department is called NOKIA NOKIA N9-00 aircraft after the termination ofresearch and development.

NOKIA identified as Windows Phone coming to fully join the camp, in the leanconversion period model introduced a NOKIA N9 What is the purpose? Somespeculated that it was NOKIA fulfill its promise of long-term focus on softwaredevelopment industry MeeGo and investors have an account. There is also speculationNOKIA NOKIA N9 will not be the first, it may be the only MeeGo smartphone? NOKIAbold decision to perhaps difficult to understand ordinary people, but long-term development, whether NOKIA N9 is a follow-up models? NOKIA products can beobtained from this valuable experience with this particular operating system MeeGoattempts to diversify routes, test the market and look for more opportunities. MeeGopast R & D team put a lot of effort, their results should be made ​​public. Over the past year will be disappointed in the media point to "breathing" of the Symbian OS, MeeGocan temporarily transfer the advent of focus for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 products warm body. Development of a multi-platform and a system, still in control as long as the cost within the NOKIA R & D departments can be used as a combattraining, to try and do no harm, let alone if the NOKIA N9 phone sales exceed expectations , NOKIA can also prove to the entire mobile phone industry is still capable of developing hardware and software combination of smart mobile phones. 

▲ MeeGo can temporarily transfer the advent of focus for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 products warm body. Development of a multi-platform and a system, still incontrol as long as the cost within the NOKIA R & D departments can be used as acombat training


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