Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Symbian NOKIA find successors History

Admittedly in the past 18 months can be said that the lowest point of the period since the establishment of NOKIA, Google Android system shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010 exceeded $ 32 million, a 32.9% market share to get the top spot, the first time squeeze the past 10 years under King Symbian OS (shipped 3,100 million, a 28% market share). Compared with the Android camp's annual growth rate (615%) compared with iOS growth rate in the device (85.9%), Symbian system than the growth rate was (30%) not only lagged behind major competitors, even lower than the overall market growth rate. June 13, 2011, Nomura (Nomura) SAMSUNG Securities analyst also pointed out that South Korea is expected in the second quarter of this year aboard the world's largest single manufacturer of smart phones throne, NOKIA from the past 14 years to sit tight in the smart phone dominant under the seat squeeze! With the smart phone market steadily lost, NOKIA's share price has plummeted, even lower than the market value of Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC.

▲ undeniable that over the past 18 months can be said to lowest point since the establishment of NOKIA period, Google Android system from the fourth quarter of 2010 on the second squeeze of the past 10 years under King Symbian.
However, the former overlord most frustrating, and perhaps not the failure itself, but the face of this failure has long been foreseen, NOKIA powerless and helpless, we can only hand over people to the king's crown. "Success Symbian, loser Symbian" is perhaps the most of this Finnish mobile phone giant real reviews. Symbian OS in smart phone market share in 2006 (iPhone are not yet available) is far ahead of 74%, which is NOKIA and Symbian mobile phone operating system, the most glorious moment. At that time you can not choose smart phone platform, combined with Microsoft's Windows Mobile system for ordinary consumers are not very friendly indeed. As the lean, cost-savings features, Symbian, can lower the computing power and more consumer friendly price of smartphone features, but also help the system get the smart phone market share of top spot.
However, since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, after driving the growth of smart phone market power from business users into the general consumer users, such consumers pay attention to the entertainment and UI interface dazzling, so a large screen, touch control-screen control of popular models. From the 1990s to the birth of the EPOC to Symbian S60-based continuous improvement of its system up to 20 million lines of code, Symbian source code too so that performance could not be aging and iPhone, Android, compared to similar features. NOKIA has long recognized the fact of this competitive disadvantage, but in choosing to compete with Apple iOS new operating system has always been indecisive. Candidate to replace the Symbian operating system is not without: NOKIA 2005, that early introduction of Linux-based architecture, the avant-garde uses Maemo OS handheld wireless devices NOKIA N730, although unfortunately launched after a series of product lines such as NOKIA N800, NOKIA N810 and NOKIA N900, Maemo operating system has always been limited to small-scale "test market", the above is not a model sold more than 500,000 units. NOKIA Maemo only hope but reluctant to give up on Symbian, Symbian, after all, a mature market and has established a complete industrial chain, which is the Maemo can not be reached in a short time. Can only choose "multi-system strategy": the system is flexible and hold onto the low-end of the Symbian smartphone market and strengthening the cooperation with Microsoft, Maemo or Meego system with high-end smart phone market capture, this software strategy with NOKIA in hardware product line "machine sea tactics" has the same purpose.
▲February 2011NOKIA CEO Stephen Elop Finnish mobile phone giant launched amajor business change of direction: the future of mobile operating systems continue tounresolved after two years, NOKIA announced a close strategic alliance with Microsoft, Windows Phone System (including the latest version of the WP7) NOKIA within two years will be the main smartphone platform.

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