Thursday, July 7, 2011

MeeGo there is still hope will be a few years to support the Nokia N9

Nokia To Support The N9 For Years, May Be Bringing It To Even More Countries

Ever since the N9 was announced, the question on everyone’s mind is that for how long would Nokia continue to support something which in all probability is its last MeeGo (Harmattan) device. Here’s something that should cheer you up, Klas Ström, Head of Portfolio Management in Marketing for Nokia tweets that the N9 will be supported for ‘years’ and that they would release several updates. Although, take the ‘years’ with a pinch of salt.

Next, if you are looking at a pure MeeGo experience, then you will also be glad to know that there are plans to bring the MeeGo Community Edition to the N9 as well, its already alive and kicking on the N900, and with the community support, the N9 can also hope to live longer than ever.

Finally, there is even more good news. Nokia India’s My Next Nokia page includes a mention of the N9 in its source code, pointing to a possible India release. Now before you get your hopes up, the information can only be seen in the source code and there is no mention of the N9 on any other visible portion of the website.

If you recall, there were only 23 countries which were slated to the get N9 when it was announced, but may be all the positive reaction is making Nokia reconsider other key markets as well. We’ll know more closer to its launch, meanwhile sit tight and hope.

[Update] It appears as if Nokia is indeed reconsidering its position on where to market the N9, it just popped up Nokia Brazil’s website as well, this time making it beyond the source code. Brazil was also missing from the original list of 23 countries. (via Verythrax in the comments below).

May be Nokia is only taking the N9 to markets which will get Nokia’s Windows Phone offerings next year? May be that 23 country is not definitive after all!
[Information] PConline July 8 news, although after Nokia Nokia CEO has said publicly that the system will give MeeGo, and will fully cooperate with Microsoft on the. But Nokia had also promised to continue to supportSymbian OS at least 2016, and now MeeGo this still nursing infants and their flagship product, Nokia N9, Nokia How to give up that easily?

Nokia N9 will receive years of software support

Foreign news, portfolio management for Nokia Klas Strom have said on Twitter, the next few years, Nokia will support the development of MeeGo,will also be several software updates for Nokia N9. Perhaps this is forced by the pressure of public opinion, Nokia has said repeatedly to the outside world will not give up MeeGo system.

According to previous news, Nokia N9, including China, will be in 23 countries and territories for sale in the UK have begun to accept reservations, 16GB version of the book value amounting to close to 5200 yuan.

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