Wednesday, July 13, 2011

N9: Nokia smart phone efforts and highlight the strength of nine sense

Yesterday afternoon attended the Nokia N9 tasting, have a more intuitive on theunderstanding of N9.

Sold off in two sub-passing hand to join in after the C series, N9 officially unveiled.Halo is large: it is the first smart phone using MeeGo system, the first smart phone buttons ... a series of first, let us see Nokia's strength and efforts.

Technical parameters will not repeat here what I believe everyone on the N9 has a verydetailed understanding, it is not a parameter column I will detail to the back of it. Here Iwant to say is the significance for Nokia N9, to discuss a clever, writing nine it is purelygossip:

1, N9's first head too much, not much to mention. It is the first Nokia's Symbian systemoutside the machine, is a milestone in Nokia's change, a change in the next milestoneis the introduction this year of Windows Phone;

2, N9, 9 = nine, nine is the "Book of Changes," the largest number, and 9 represent thebeginning of a cycle? Means that the Nokia Revival start over?

N9:诺基亚智能手机努力和实力 显示九大意义 
3, second paragraph MeeGo Nokia mobile phone and did not give a road map. In this sense, will, N9 is no longer a stepping stone, appears to give an account of Intel, a certificate of divorce.
4, seen the real machine, you should be a sentence: Any photo can not be summed N9 beautiful. Especially the pink that section, If you take in hand, whether it is catch the wind or pull the wind, is very short style.

5, N9 design, with military helmets, the material of the shell, slide ... ... can be said, N9 is the history of industrial design Nokia's most beef products. This naturally also to be followed in the years played a model and prepared the way Windows Phone mobile phone. Nokia want to show people that Nokia and Windows Phone is not the same person.

6, N9 was a transitional product. I am a little sad that this argument, in fact, pass in the printing of Microsoft and Nokia have intention to cooperate, I will stand, if abandoned MeeGo, I will be disappointed, and still think so. Perhaps Nokia has determined that the future of Microsoft's most dependable WindowsPhone operating system.

7, in the tasting reception table, to the old Nokia's director of public relations Richard demonstrates a cool application of NFC, is a firecracker labels, as long as phones get touch this tag, the phone will immediately appear on the "commodity" information.Of course, in the event, Nokia product manager demonstrated the NFC mobile bumper transfer pictures, transfer music and play the NFC version of the angry birds.In addition to individual applications that the old cold outside, NFC will accomplish much in the industry market.

8, N9 not all. Nokia to fight "next billion users", the natural N9 can not cover this part of the market. In addition to this N9, to vigorously push high-end Nokia Symbian Anna, windows Phone, for low-end market with the S40 system coverage. Nokia Symbian v3 will bring the top of the Internet experience on the S40 platform, so that more people experience the touch, maps, navigation, microblogging and other applications, S40 platform handset prices is estimated at around 1,000 yuan.

9, Nokia N9 Tasting by chance, hit back with a strong industry figures questioned (in fact, the data released in April too). Reported a Q1 2011: Nokia in Greater China, 24 million mobile phones were sold, up 13 percent year on year; Greater China sales reached 1.9 billion euros year on year sales growth of 30%. Nokia Nokia Greater China area is the world's fastest-growing market (second only to Latin America).

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