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Nokia N9 U.S. blog that launched the beginning doomed to failure

U.S. tech blog Ars Technica published an article on Friday, this weekintroduced the use of Nokia smart phones Meego system N9. Althoughthis phone is very good in many ways, but Nokia's platform strategy ofconfusion, N9 at the launch at the beginning doomed to fail.

Excellent hardware and software

Nokia announced this week that long-awaited launch of the N9smartphone. N9 engineering is excellent, with a sophisticated touch userinterface, powerful software and open source features. The previous generation N9 N900 developer-centric, and N9 on this basis provides for the mainstream user experience.
Finger-touch interface to promote the development of modern smart phones, and N9 Nokia launched the first modern smartphone. Although this is technically a great achievement, but can not be considered to be Nokia's success. N9 extension has up to one year, while Nokia has renounced Meego platform in favor of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 system.
N9 using TI's 1GHz OMAP Cortex A8 processor, 1GB RAM, and 3.9 inches AMOLED capacitive touch screen, and they integrate a 800-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens. N9 is not the industry-leading hardware, but still worthy of respect, especially considering most of the mobile phone by Nokia's own software development. The phone works of a high standard, using the arc glass screen and polycarbonate shell material.
N9 positive no buttons, this is because the mobile phone software, human-computer interaction model is based entirely on gesture. N9 user interface using the open source Qt development package, bringing a new look and feel. In addition to outside the circle icon, N9 user interface with Symbian and Maemo system is completely different.Nokia will be the new user experience is called "Swipe", to emphasize the N9 potential sweep hands. This user is very fresh.
Hybrid Operating System
N9 software configuration so that the outside world a little confused.Nokia's official marketing and public relations material shows, N9 using Meego 1.2 system. However, in practice, N9 large part of the system using the Maemo 6 code. Nokia had renounced Maemo, steering Meego system.
Maemo system will use a lot of code known as Meego mobile phone is not accurate, but this hybrid operating system fully compatible with Meego 2.1 application program interface (API). This means that the difference between the system users and developers are not particularly obvious. Nokia Meego to understand if the strategy can be found in this hybrid operating system announced earlier this year in line with Nokia's roadmap.
The outside world another confusing point is the exposure of N9 with a Nokia with the same name last year, the relationship between the prototype. After exposure of N9 prototype integrated sliding keyboard, was expected to be released first quarter of 2011. The interior design is called the Nokia N9-00, has now been abandoned. With the Nokia began developing a new generation of N9-01, code-named Lankku keyboard design and related product release date has been delayed.The N9-01 is likely to be officially released the Nokia N9 basis.According to technology blog Engadget received some pictures, N9 N950 will use a variant of the original sliding keyboard design, but the N950 will only provided to certain third-party developers.
Doomed to failure
However, despite the N9 adding a lot of new elements, but this phone is no chance of success. Nokia's platform strategy as chaotic, and there is no long-term plan for Meego, the N9 will lose at the starting line. The phone and the "Titanic" similar: high-quality projects despite the level of technology and luxury, but the doomed maiden voyage when it sank in the. Nokia's future product plans, Meego position is very vague, which will make third-party developers who are disappointed, it will lead to the failure of N9.
When the Nokia comprehensive system using Windows Phone 7 rumors appeared, some in the industry expressed doubts as Meego Nokia has provided a competitive platform can bring. At that time, Nokia has actually bet on the future Meego, so any changes would be suicidal.
When Nokia's new CEO 史蒂芬埃洛普 (Stephen Elop) issued the famous "platform has been on fire," the memorandum, the industry's proposal is fully turned to Nokia Meego, and not to be interference with other operating systems. Elop, however, have different ideas. In his view, Meego phone release will take too long time, and accept the Windows Phone 7 to help Nokia quickly launch the modern smartphone.
In practice, however, Nokia announced the first products using Meego system. This means that there is miscarriage of justice Elop on Meego.However, Nokia is still planning to launch within this year, Windows Phone 7 phones, so Elop on the Windows Phone 7 views and no problem.
Elop may think that in the long run, Meego system maintenance and integration will be a challenge, and this is the current Nokia can not afford. Select the Windows Phone 7 means that Nokia developed platform can be avoided in a series of difficulties. However, this will lead Nokia into a pure hardware vendors. Select the Windows Phone 7, Nokia will give up its own platform, as well as control of the ecosystem.
Difficult to attract users and developers
Elop has said on many occasions, even though Nokia will reduce investment, but Meego will remain Nokia's research platform for future innovation. Nokia is not clear what the plan means, it is clear that the Nokia move Windows Phone 7 after, Meego and Nokia's strategy has been less relevant. If Nokia is not clear that will Meego platform, and support consumers to buy N9, it is difficult to imagine Meego can attract large numbers of users. If Nokia's attitude towards Meego platform is not serious, it will be difficult Meego competitive, especially in third-party applications.
Meego system has received a large number of third-party developer support, and Rovio, and Qik, etc. Qt has plans to launch the Nokia mobile phone applications Meego. Nokia's new platform strategy to give these developers, the developer is unlikely to lead to continued support for Nokia products.
If Nokia will be ported to Qt Development Kit on Windows Phone 7, it means that developers will be able both to Nokia 3 major operating system development and application. However, this situation will not arise, because Elop has denied that Nokia will be enabled on the Windows Phone 7 Qt.
Nokia's Qt on Windows Phone 7 platform attitude inconsistent. In the N9 of the conference, Nokia Qt described as a key part of the future of mobile development. However, if Qt does not support Windows Phone 7, Qt is difficult to imagine why a part of Nokia's mobile strategy.
Perhaps the aim will be Qt Nokia Symbian users, but Symbian will be out of the market in 2014, so this does not succeed. Is unclear in 2012 whether the release of Qt 5 also supports Symbian. In the cross-platform development, Qt is still the best tool, but Qt does not get any current mainstream mobile operating system officially supported.
Nokia's current position much like the Roman mythology Janus. Nokia nostalgia on the one hand, Meego, on the other hand decided to accept the Windows Phone 7. This platform strategy will not help inconsistent, leading to chaotic development tools and platforms, and to the outside world lose confidence in Nokia's plans for the future. This issue has been reflected in the N9: This is a compelling product, but do not see any prospects.

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