Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The new interface Symbian Belle system design will draw a large number of Nokia N9

Nokia N9, when the release of the new user experience really has been widely recognized, but Nokia seems to want to have this recognition to the Symbian platform, which is the Nokia N9 copy of the user experience of Symbian Belle future updating.

Recently, some foreign media reported Qt Quick quick guide part of the screenshot.As shown, this quick guide written specifically for Symbian Belle, but draws a large number of elements in the system MeeGo Harmattan. Including Top status bar (downthe top status bar), Note (notification), bottom bar (the new low bar button) and so on.The new drop-down list of the top status bar has been and MeeGo systems, provide more options, simply pull down the status bar can be set up.

Drop-down quick settings (Quick Setup). From the top of the screen you can see the drop-down on some of the features of fast switching, such as: traffic, Bluetooth, WI-FI.There may be GPS-switch and so on. In the quick settings below, providing missed calls and unread messages, the display and N9/N950 exactly the same. Moreover, thefurther down you can still see the program of activities to be carried out, will be ringingalarm clock, loading the e-mail. If you can join the same as Maemo 5 downloads andBluetooth for the progress bar so much the better.

Have to say, the new user interface and indeed is more commendable standardunified design approach. This also involved within Qt Quick Guide to Symbian Bellefeatures more content, there are many Nokia N9's Swipe swipe UI. More new user interface has been in the Nokia developer page provides a preview.

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