Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nokia N9 camera lens test sample / video sharing

Bubble net mobile channel N9 July 2, although there has been much controversy after the release of positive and negative news coverage is endless, but so as to create a new flagship model of Nokia, will have many users like it, pay attention to it .
Since this phone is a main highlight of the performance of the camera,we have reported this before, "the fastest in the history of cameraphones," the timing of data in the camera, and now in Finland, Nokiaannounced on this 8-megapixel camera real shot pictures and video. N9whether either substance? Us look at the stars effect. (Note: the text inimages and video are from the Internet)
Nokia N9 real shot pictures

By actual test, N9 response speed of the photographs really fast enough,commendable. However, the effect can be seen in the picture photos taken N9 have a hazy sense of color slightly dim, compared to its veteranN8 is still less certain. Of course, N8 is the flagship camera phones, 12 million pixels has to throw the cell phone industry leader, if you take this into account, then, N9 photographic effect is still possible.

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