Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MeeGo phone NOKIA N9 strategic market

Held in Singapore late this year NOKIA Connection 2011 Conference, though not if the past is so by the media attention, but still outside an interval of Finnish mobile phone giant an important window for future trends. At the meeting chief executive Stephen Elop NOKIA to show the implementation of the new brand strategy in a series ofprogress and released a variety of Symbian S40 platform mobile phones, but mostattract attention or NOKIA first operating system using smart MeeGo mobile phoneNOKIA N9 appearance. NOKIA been identified as fully join the Windows Phonecoming to camp, in the lean conversion period model introduced a NOKIA N9 What is the purpose? See King's analysis of mobile phone coverage.

 held in Singapore late this year NOKIA Connection 2011 Conference attracted the most attention or NOKIA first use of the smart phone operating system MeeGo NOKIA N9 appearance.

MeeGo operating system equipped with the world's first smart phone finally coming out
After a long wait, the world's first powered smart phone operating system MeeGo finally come out! NOKIA demonstrated during the General Assembly to the service from the phone to the detailed interface and many other topics, use the experience from development tools to the world passed NOKIA did not give up the ambition to return to smartphone supremacy. The long-awaited smart phone NOKIA N9 Although the evaluation led to polarization, but overall is still very positive to say. NOKIA N9 engineering design of this phone is quite good (with the arc of glass and polycarbonate screen cover material), with industry standard user interface and touch the outside of the high expectations of the operating system, plus an open programcode (Open Source) characteristics. NOKIA N9 NOKIA N900 with its predecessor product R & D base and the success of the former on the basis of improved user experience for the mainstream.

"Touch operation" of the new generation of smart phones important feature, due to the aging Symbian source code too, lead to a new generation of smart phone features such as touch screen and instant messaging, including the core functions in carrying the product on Symbian OS difficult to achieve perfection, which partly explains why NOKIA spent a long time still not a perfect solution touch screen technology, its performance could not be with the iPhone, Android, compared to similar features. In contrast MeeGo operating system designed from the beginning will touch operation function into planning, NOKIA N9 can be said to symbolize a new era NOKIA into the product. NOKIA N9 machine powered by a TI (Texas Instruments) to provide the OMAP Cortex A8 processor (computing speed of 1GHz) and with up to 1GB of memory (twice the iPhone 4), 3.9-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen canprovide high-quality visual enjoyment, 800 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens Certification also required to meet the user Richangshenghuo. Because MeeGo system based entirely on human-computer interaction model gesture and touch operation, so the NOKIA N9 positive no buttons, apart from circular icon in addition, NOKIA N9 new look and user interface with the previous system, Symbian and Maemo completely different! NOKIA this a new experience called "Swipe" to emphasize the NOKIA N9 fresh sweep of hands-on situation.

 addition to the circular icon in addition, NOKIA N9 new look and user interface withthe previous system, Symbian and Maemo completely different! NOKIA this a newexperience called "Swipe" to emphasize the NOKIA N9 fresh sweep of hands-onsituation.
Although NOKIA N9 hardware specifications are not in the smartphone market is noopponent, but this product is still worthy of respect. NOKIA top end at least give the "Q2 2011 Q3 plans issued or 1GHz processor chips equipped with mobile phones,"promises not kept his word, in fact, has become a 1GHz processor chip in 2011, allhigh-end smart phone standard, when other competitors are turning to dual-coremobile phone the moment, NOKIA belated launch of the first 1GHz processor chips formobile phones can be considered supporters of the brand a little comfort.

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