Thursday, July 7, 2011

The king resolved Nokia N9, this really can not give up

Released from the Nokia N9 time has for some time, the news from the field and the real machine trial video in which we will find it a lot of bright spots, such as slim and dazzling appearance, which are attracting manyof their oil eye ah! Is not very like to start? The rumors did some time ago, Nokia announced CEO Elop said: This will be the last one Meego Nokiaphone, this news really makes tangled, like the oil N9 were also no need to regret, saying this is unprecedented na!

But now N9 has not been formally shelves temporarily, it shows that not allclouds, if the N9 really huge profits in the market, I think Nokia is not a fool, right? Today small to see with all the various advantages and disadvantages of it N9!
 Look gorgeous, solid work!

Visible, Nokia N9's work is indeed very solid, with a polycarbonateprecision machining, Apple's IPA, and some aerospace equipment,there are cars using this material. The whole design of the Nokia N9play perfect, machine-made look very comfortable. Equipped with a 3.9 inches 480 × 854 pixel AMOLED touch-screen material, and the whole139 grams of weight. N9 design is currently on the market, includingplatforms such as Android and iOS models are difficult to compare with.

Machine configuration, performance, moderate

After reading the overall appearance, we look at performance issues, N9 equipped with a frequency of 1GHz TI OMAP363 processor on the processor's performance everyone was talking about, is now dual-coremobile phone era, the use of such a processor is not seemed a bitembarrassed of it? N9 carrying the stone for the Texas InstrumentsOMAP3630 processor architecture A8, 45-nanometer manufacturing process, and integrated PowerVR SGX530 graphics chip. AppleiPhone 4 A4 processor integrated graphics chip for the PowerVR SGX535, generating 22 million polygons per second, while the N9generation of 14 million polygons per second, chip, or between the 3Dperformance is a certain gap. That is not the processor performance is less than N9 Apple iPhone 4, the system does not run smoothly it? The answer is NO! The system is running smoothly or not, or RAM (runningmemory), RAM is like computer memory, if you use a computer only1GB of memory windows 7 operating system, will certainly be difficult to operate, if you upgrade the memory capacity to 2GB, smooth operationwill enhance the sense of a lot. The Nokia N9 smart phone is equipped with the current maximum RAM 1GB, I believe this configuration if more than one program running in the background, it also ensures smoothswitch will not crash because of memory overflow caused by otherconditions.

Running in the background, remarkable!

In addition to hardware configuration, I believe we are most concerned about or equipped with the Nokia N9 Meego system, the systemoperation is indeed very new, and Andrews and iOS system operatingstyle are the two concepts. The new task notification interface andefficient management background, have experience in making the N9 intouch than other smart phone operating system slightly better. Meego system regardless of whether any program is running, you need to switch the background task, simply slide from the edge of the screen soyou can switch to the background and the other interface, the whole process very smooth. Relative to the Android platform folder in the formof interface, this type of operation or make people feel themselves, andalso more convenient.

Xiaobian Summary:

Overall, MEEGO still a very good smart phone operating system, although now threatened to abandon MEEGO Nokia mobile phonemarket, but not the day all this uncertainty, MEEGO is a good platform, I hope Nokia can support MEEGO go further!

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