Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The second strike slip Gainuojiya N950 MeeGo real machine exposure

Introducing the Nokia N9 repercussions caused by shock, another cell phone N950MeeGo system yet again in our line of sight. Although this full keyboard design with sliding cover MeeGo system phone is only available to developers to use, not sale.However, the current minority of users like the full keyboard, this Nokia phone willMeeGo system will look, to debut the other models are also unknown.

Familiar form
The exposure of the real machine from the spy photos, the Nokia N950 mobile phonelook and disclosure of that money had been referred to as N9 of the sliding keyboard cover all mobile phones are very similar, and selected materials in the fuselage with the latest release of Nokia N9 is also slightly different, using aluminum material as a shell, it seems more business phones in the air.
 Nokia N950
The picture shows the Nokia N950
Not only that, for developers to use the Nokia N950 is not as N9, as for the whole touch screen design or the pre-camera touch screen in the lower part of the arrangements, in short, on the whole seems relatively more law-abiding, not the latest release of NokiaN9 as quite subversive in shape.

Major hardware differences
The official documentation provided by Nokia, Nokia N950 and N9 known differencesbetween the hardware. First, configure the touch screen on the former 4.0-inch touchscreen, and use a more traditional TFT material, while the Nokia N9 were 3.9-inch AMOLED touch-screen, but both supported the resolution are FWVGA level.
The picture shows the Nokia N950
Second, the Nokia N950 is also equipped with a 800-megapixel camera, but NokiaN9 Carl Zeiss lens Certification is not the same camera module, and can also providesimilar levels of photo effects. However, the front camera phones is the same size.In addition, the Nokia N950 and Nokia N9 have not provided near-fieldcommunications, NFC, and is equipped with 1320 mAh battery is also compared withthe Nokia N9 1450 mAh battery capacity is smaller. But it is worth mentioning that, although the foreign media supported by Nokia N9 Bluetooth version V4.0, but theinformation provided by Forum Nokia's official point of view, the two still Bluetooth V 2.1 + EDR.

Other hardware
In addition to these hardware differences, Nokia provides developers with this MeeGo system functions of the phone is the Nokia N9 should be not much difference, alsoloaded 1GHz TI TI OMAP 3630 processor with 512MB ROM size and storage space,1GB of RAM, and 16GB or 64GB of body memory.
The picture shows the Nokia N950

As the positioning differences, such as the Nokia N950 Nokia N9 should be no support for Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone technology. Of course, since the NokiaN9 itself did not provide more precise time to market and price, so when the NokiaN950 to reach the hands of developers have no way of knowing nature.

Market uncertainty
Although this brings Nokia Nokia N9, and by the degree of concern and as much asthe release of other heavyweight models. But many analysts but then this phone is notoptimistic about MeeGo system, such as RBS analyst Didier Scemama that theintroduction of such a use would have been out of the mobile phone platform, it seemspointless.
The picture shows the Nokia N950
Analysts believe that while there is only a model Nokia N9 products, which is simply toshow the outside world like Nokia mobile phones in the future can bring, it is notexpected to bring about what this phone will change. In addition, analysts also pointed out that the launch time because N9 Windows Phone System with Nokia phones too close to their living space is relatively narrow, the future sales performance will nothave a good performance.
It is reported that Nokia N9 will be listed for sale this fall.

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