Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can Return of the King? Nokia's new flagship high-definition real machine N9

Nokia Nokia Connection 2011 Conference in Singapore was officially released a newMeego smartphone Nokia N9, the aircraft later this year, priced in the market beforethe official announcement.
Maybe in our life world, Nokia N9 cell phone is what you dream of a smart phone, Android and the iPhone has not occupied the end of this market, third-party application developers did not build a good platform in which. This is a sleek phone has a slicksoftware. But the tragedy is that it does not address the real problems he encountered.

N9 running MeeGo operating system, once it should be savior for Nokia. To run mobile phones, tablet PCs and small laptop designed MeeGo applications, is built on Linux-based operating system and its cooperation with Intel on other words, the device is thefuture of personal computing.

However, progress in the development MeeGo suddenly slowed down and then quicklyand Nokia did not associate it more. In February, Nokia announced cooperation with Microsoft, agreed to manufacture the hardware for Windows Phone 7, MeeGo will be apilot learning opportunities, rather than an emergency strategy for Nokia.

So although this first MeeGo phone - N9 interface looks very attractive, it is difficult tohot up. No key devices, all controlled by tapping and sliding
You pat the phone twice to wake up from sleep mode, you slide left or right light, canopen all applications menu, you can click on the application menu under the sameopen more applications, there are three menu : responsible for starting a new application, one is responsible for managing open applications, a social responsibility to inform subscribers. The software includes interactive voice navigation and modernWeb2.0 browser.

N9 phone hardware looks good, it has unibody design, it is 3.9-inch AMOLED display,8 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics and a 16 GB or 64 GB of internal storage options.

So, what is the problem? Because Nokia is the Windows system into a more mobile.MeeGo will be limited support, thus, limiting the third-party developer interest. This in turn limits the usefulness of mobile phones, regardless of its interface will be moreattractive. And there is no pricing announced, release date (unless otherwise indicated, "later this year") or carrier partnerships, MeeGo dream is still very far away

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