Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nokia N9 need for phone or during the transition time coming WP7

Alternating between old and new platforms at Nokia is confused: the side of the release MeeGo system quite attractive mobile phone N9, turned around again, said the main strategy is to build the Windows operating system for smart phones. The other side, next year will launch 10 new Symbian OS-based machine. Today, Motorola, Nokia, such as year, at the same time to cope with several operating systems. For fans, this is confusing: with the N8 or E7, hope to start N9, but also misses WP7 phone. Situation looks very complicated, hurt the stock price fell again.However, Nokia CEO Elop (Stephen Elop), told reporters optimistic that Nokia is very successful in the Chinese market, the partnership with Microsoft is very confident, year Nokia will launch the first Windows-based mobile phone. 
WP7 phone Symbian year released yet by taking the amount of 
"We have a Windows Phone to the core." June 21, Elop in Singapore "Nokia Connection" conference again emphasized to reporters later this year Nokia will release the first smartphone based on Windows platform (ie, WP7 phone), 2012 volume shipments, "I am more confidence." In the Congress, Nokia also announced three new smart phones and N9 cost-effective low-end phones. 
N9 is the first use of Nokia and Intel to develop MeeGo system for smart phones. The phone is not only for the reporter's first question is the last paragraph, Elop not answered, emphasizing the advantages of N9, such as industrial design, user interface, Qt development experience, these will be renewed in the Nokia other products. 
Indeed, the conference site, media from around the world are on the phone this MeeGo curious, and after a large increase in the experience of praise. You know, Nokia is not a long time been so consistent evaluation of the mobile phone. However, in the stock market, N9 Nokia shares issued for two days starting the day up more than $ 6, but on Thursday, five days, the stock fell again to $ 6 or less. 
This means, pay attention to market will depend on the size of Nokia Symbian phones go traffic. "The function is not expensive to add Internet phone function, it is important for Nokia's strategy." Elop said that the next 12 months, Nokia will release at least 10 new mobile phones equipped with Symbian, but also will provide a variety of hardware and software support to Symbian users. In addition, Nokia will use Symbian's in July to upgrade the system Anna, to enhance consumers' mobile Internet experience. 
China is a strategic R & D center will further strengthen the power of 
"N9 Nokia by far the best smartphone." IDC analyst Geronimo (Francisco Jeronimo) said that Nokia is to use Microsoft WP7 system to transition the phone to gain time, most people would think that Nokia will hit rock bottom back again. In the Chinese market, Nokia is still the leader in mobile phone sector. Elop said that China is Nokia's focus on important strategic center. He said the recent Nokia R & D center in Shenzhen to further strengthen R & D in China, after Beijing has become a global R & D center smart phone, will provide more products. 
In addition to the main screen without buttons, well-designed N9, Nokia also provides easy switch between multiple SIM cards and some "dual-use touch" feature phones.In addition, Nokia will also demonstrate a variety of phones available in the NFC (Near Field Communication technology), if the two are an open standard mobile NFC a "touch" can be songs, pictures and even "an angry bird." mutual transmission of such games.

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